Reflecting on 2015

2015 has actually been a pretty amazing year for me. Mad, hectic, weirdly star-struck… I’ve had a lot of things happen in the past 12 months. And since everyone else is getting all sentimental about the year ending, here are a few personal highlights:

  1. I finally got the power I craved, and became News Editor of The Edge

Screenshot 2015-12-31 at 18.52.26In May, I was elected as the News Editor for my University’s entertainment magazine, The Edge. And still, six months in, and despite the crazy amount of time I seem to spend on news websites, I’m loving it. I’ve learnt a lot of stuff. My name and face has been emblazoned on the inner pages of about four magazine issues now. My name also seems to have travelled to sections of the SUSU website I didn’t really know existed. And I got a hoodie with my name and position on – just so I feel extra important as I go about my day.

Being an Edgeling is probably my favourite part of being at uni. The work on my degree can be cool/vaguely interesting sometimes sure, but oddly, doing all these Editor-y things is what keeps me sane during the stressful moments. Even if I write a less than favourable essay, I can take solace in the fact that, yes, I am rather a good News Editor actually. I have found my calling.

2. I sat mere metres away from Tom Hiddleston in Row C of an exclusive Q&A at the Nuffield.

Yep. I have witnessed the beauty of Tom Hiddleston up close. He sat on a stage mere metres away from me for an hour and half in February 2015. He had come to the Nuffield Theatre, of which he is an associate actor, to talk about his career in an exclusive “members only” Q and A. It set me back about £100 of my student loan to actually become a member, but it was totally worth it. My Mum managed to get us seats in the second row from the stage, so when Tom came on stage (in a gorgeously fitted three-piece suit, the jacket of which he shrugged off to the applause of all of us there), I could really see him. He talked about so many things, all so candidly and beautifully. I wrote a summary of what I’d heard for The Edge (you can find it here). Unfortunately, my questions weren’t picked but just being there in the same room of one of my favourite actors was still so amazing. And did I mention? He’s really fucking beautiful.

3. I met and had my photo taken with Benedict Cumberbatch, Andrew Scott and Mark Gatiss.

Screenshot 2015-12-31 at 18.52.37I went to Sherlocked in April, and while my experience of the convention as a whole is sort of mixed, I can’t deny the surreal incredulity I feel when I look at the photos that prove, that for at least 7 seconds, Benedict Cumberbatch had his hand on my shoulder. The picture I had with the ‘Batch is okay – by the time my number came up, you could tell he was beginning to get tired. I was still churlishly excited and scared as I walked up to meet him. He greeted me with a tired-sounding “alright?” while I desperately tried to simultaneously smile, be cool, and not touch him inappropriately (That’s not meant to sound perverted by the way. I was just really hesitant to touch the small of his back as other people had for fear of getting ambushed by the security.) The resulting picture pretty much sums up the moment; me, desperately trying to contain all my feelings together, and him looking understandably exasperated by the sea of other girls he would have to get through before ending the day.

Screenshot 2015-12-31 at 18.52.47In comparison, my photo with Andrew Scott is a lot cheerier – I look at that one most fondly. Andrew Scott, for those of you who aren’t aware, is a total sweetheart. He greeted me with an enthusiastic “Hello Darling” which immediately had me grinning before I’d even got to the bit where I’m supposed to smile. He was just very, very lovely. I also met Mark Gatiss, which was slightly scarier, because not only is he formidably tall, but he also seemed just as tired as Benedict. Again though, he was perfectly polite and thanked me for coming, after he posed – mustachioed – alongside me. In addition to all that, Steven Moffat also walked past me in a cold breeze that I still to this day, think he mustered on purpose.

This is probably also my cue to re-thank my friend Megan for wearily zipping between Southampton and London with me for those three days – Don’t worry I’ve learnt my lesson and I promise that in 2016 and beyond, we are never getting on a fucking coach again.

4. I interviewed Louise Brealey for The Edge

I do slightly cringe at this one, but hey, it was my first ever interview and it took a long time to get right. Louise Brealey was very busy on the day I was meant to interview her about her play, Constellations (which I also saw at the Nuffield – it was very good). This meant that more often that not, I interacted with her voicemail more than her. However, on the few moments where I could get a question in (it took one or two sessions), Louise seemed very lovely and very patient with me. You can read my interview with her here. I still have the audio clips, but out of embarrassment (on my stuttery nervous part) I haven’t listened back to them.

5. I turned 20… and celebrated by finally visiting the cornerstone of my childhood.

I officially got old this year. I’ve been alive for 20 years now. It’s a little daunting being a full blown ‘proper’ adult without the luxurious excuses that come with your teenage years, but I’m just about managing… I think. And I said goodbye to my childhood in the best way by finally visiting the Harry Potter studios in London. It proved to be a great family day out and my god, everything in it was magical and beautiful and tear-jerking. AND THE SHOP IS HUGE. It was brilliant.

Obviously a lot of other things happened this year – some good, some bad – but upon reflection, 2015 has been a great year. And I have a few cool things chalked up for 2016 – I’ll be spending my 21st watching Harry Potter And The Cursed Child in a swanky London theatre, I’ll finally be seeing my favourite comedienne, Sarah Millican, live on tour and who knows? Maybe I’ll go for the big Editorial position and BECOME MORE POWERFUL AND IMPORTANT THAN YOU CAN POSSIBLY COMPREHEND. Maybe. We’ll have to wait and see.

For now, it’s time to face the more imminent and factual prospects of 2016, i.e: the four essays that I have to do in the next week. Happy New Year… right?


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