Thoughts about Game of Thrones, Season 6: Episode 9 that I can’t share on Twitter because spoilers

Spoilers, obviously.

And I wrote this at 5am in the morning on 0 hours sleep, so don’t judge. I’m tired. But also opinionated. So this is more a stream of consciousness before I can sleep than a review or anything.

RAMSAY IS DEAD. But so is Rickon. So I don’t know how to feel.

With Ramsay, I’m not sure how satisfied I am with his death. I feel like he deserved something nastier. Or it needed to feel nastier to feel like true vengeance. Jon didn’t bludgeon enough for my liking. Like the dogs are a nice touch but we could have gone full Hannibal – you know, that really long close up of the Red Dragon biting Chilton’s lips off? That’s what I was expecting. But they were really quite tame, which is weird for them. I feel like Ramsay’s death, though slow and agonising, wasn’t nearly as gruesome as Oberyn Martell’s. But it should have been.

Anyway. He’s dead now. I shall miss Iwan Rheon’s cheeky smile, but Ramsay himself was a right bastard and deserved to die. Rickon’s death was so agonising and painful. I can’t tell if Sansa’s cryptic warning (“he won’t live long”) beforehand made it easier or harder to deal with. Also RIP Wun Wun. Why do they keep killing direwolves and nice giants??

I reckon Davos is probably going to kill Melisandre – but who cares because she killed Shireen and she basically admitted this episode that she only gets powers like once in a blue moon so fuck it. Tommen’s gonna die in the finale too. Which I’m also cool with since he’s a sappy useless twazzock. Margaery must live though. And I will not allow Cersei to perish. My Lannisters must be protected.

Also, it was good to see the two little dragons finally break free and burn some bitches. The dragons and Tyrion are always the best bits of Meereen scenes. Here’s hoping that Dany stops sitting around making plans and deals and actually gets off her arse and does something now.

Line of the episode: Tormund saying “Happy Shitting!” to Davos. I’m glad Tormund didn’t die. And he had the Hannibal idea when he chewed that guys throat off. That was ‘ite.

Oh and Littlefinger looks a creeper in the promo for next week and I don’t like it. Leave Sansa be, ya nasty. Like, thanks for helping this week but also no thanks. Keep your ginger fetish to yourself.

Anyway. There. If you’ve read this and want to talk Ramsay etc, hit me up in the morning with a tweet @annekahoneyball. But for now, I *need* sleep.

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